Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ok so those of you who now me best knows I'm a stay at home mom that's always on a budget. But today I had the most pleasant surprise. My aunt Martha called me this morning and said, "Jen get dressed I'm going to take you to the store.... (pause) to buy you a Kitchen Aid mixer!" I was absolutely shocked! I was thrilled! No words could describe what I was thinking. So the entire drive to the store I could not take my smile off. We would start talking about something and I would still be smiling. I think even the sales clerk was thinking, "What's up with this chick?" He didn't say it, but I' sure he was thinking it. After spending around thirty minutes standing around the mixers and asking the clerk a ton of questions we decide on the Kitchen Aid Pro mixer.

This thing looks and works amazing! The second we got home I washed it and got straight to work on red velvet cupcakes (recipe @ I Am Baker By Amanda). They came out delicious! On a side note: My sister is 7 months pregnant and she got upset when I threw out a spoon full of the cream cheese frosting, hehehe. I know what your thinking waist not, but by this time of night I was on my _ # of red velvet cupcake. (P.s. better pic's coming soon. I can't seem to find the cord to download, so the camera on my computer will have to do for now.)

So again, a BIG THANK YOU to my Aunt Martha. She rocks!

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