Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jump In!!!

Where to start? I was never a baker, yet alone a blogger before today. I have one daughter who just turned 1. As many of you know the the first birthday is a BIG one! I went to a few different bakeries and each one told me for a cake of the theme I wanted would be at least $200! So stressed out I asked my loving husband if that was okay. Little to say he said, "What!!!" "I don't think so!" But the he gave me the best idea. He told me, "You could so do that on your own!" And in that very moment I got this burst of excitment that I could make my daughters cake. If it came out horrible I could always say, "I tried my very best." Not wanting for it to be a total dissater I did a practice test cake. After that the sky was the limit!

My first cake was a challange. It took me a lot longer to complete it, but it was all worth it. All the guest LOVED it! They couldn't believe I had made it. So then my adventure started. Stay tuned to see more of my cakes.

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